Pacapod Cromwell Baby Changing Black

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I’ve never been one to sacrifice style over comfort. Even at eight months pregnant you’d find me in my fave pair of block heels, whilst my Fendi Baguette bag never left my side during my twenties despite the fact that it’s probably the world’s smallest bag and I could barley fit my lipstick in let alone my purse, keys and phone!

Now in my 30’s and with 2 young children, my teeny tiny handbags just won’t cut it-I depend on large, make that gigantic, spacious bags that combine functionality and style that work for me, and my family.

I might need to carry around everything bar the kitchen sink, but I want the perfect piece of arm candy to hold it all in!

In fact, the Pacapod Cromwell is so much more than just a bag. It comes with 2 detachable ‘3-in-1’ pods that are discreetly hidden in the rear of the bag and allows you to keep your bag organised no matter how many nappies, baby wipes or toys you need to carry around with you (and as you can imagine with 2 kids under 6, I get lumbered with quite a lot of stuff!).

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Dimensions 39 × 37 × 16 cm


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