Bumprider Toddler Board

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The Bumprider is designed to fit any stroller or pram, making it one of the most universal stroller standing boards on the market. It is a simple all in one solution that allows you to accomadate the addition of a toddler to any single stroller who may still be too young to walk whilst baby is in the pram.

Suitability: Approx 2-5 years old. Maximum of 30 kg

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  • Universal connector has almost endless adjustment possibilities
  • Balanced suspension for a smooth ride
  • Easy and quick connection and removal
  • Fits all prams and strollers (no extra adaptors required)
  • A spare set of connectors are available if you want to connect to more than one stroller.
  • Weight capacity 30kg

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 10 cm


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