Kaper Kidz My Happy Farm Latches Puzzle

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The My Happy Farm Latches board from Kaper Kidz is an entertaining and educational activity play board that helps kids build dexterity as they navigate latches that hook, snap, click, and slide. This latches board is designed for preschoolers and younger children to build fine and gross motor skills, while also discovering cute animals hidden beneath each door. With 6 doors to open, each with a different style latch, your child will enjoy this puzzling board. Once undone, they will get extra enjoyment of discovering a farm animal underneath. Once they have undone all the latches and pulled out all the animals, they will need to find the animals home and try and close their doors again. Each wooden Happy Farm Latches Puzzle Board from Kaper Kidz is made from laminated timber with metal latches and finished to the highest quality and printed and painted in child safe, non toxic paint.


Barcode # 9354963000302
Brand Kaper Kidz
Length 0.400m
Height 0.030m
Width 0.300m
Weight 1.6000kg

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 2 cm