Discoveroo Squeaker Emergency Cars (Set of 3 cars)

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The colours of each of the cars is vibrant and they’re crafted from plantation beech wood and painted with water based lacquer so it is safe for your little ones. Whilst the Squeaking Emergency cars are fun, They also have the added benefit of helping your little one develop vital skills such as refining motor skills as well as familiarising themselves with actual emergency cars and also learning to associate that emergency vehicles in reality sound an alarm – Which to me is something important a child should learn from a young age.


The cars are also very sturdy and durable, Even after a drive off the stairs there wasn’t a mark on them! If that had have been a plastic toy it would have cracked without a doubt. The size of the cars (7x7x6cm) is perfect for little ones hands and easy for them to hold onto and play with.

Recommended age as stated on the packaging is 18+ months, However Riley was showing his nearly 5 month old brother who loved the squeak of the cars as well. The Emergency Squeaker Cars are a welcomed addition to any toy box. I Highly recommend them for any one wanting a change of pace from the plastic toy world and for those who want a selection of toys that are really treasured and will be one of the few left out of the toy box who still shine even after several years of enjoyment

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