Rollmatz Farm Design

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Get ready for a farm-tastic adventure that knows no bounds! Introducing Rollmatz Farm Design – the immersive play mat that unlocks a world of endless fun and creativity for your little ones.

Farmyard Fantasies: Watch as your child’s imagination takes flight on this captivating farm-themed play mat. It’s the perfect canvas for toy cars to roam, tractors to race, and endless adventures to unfold.

All-Season Comfort: Our Farm Design roll mat isn’t just about fun; it’s designed for comfort too. With a substantial 3mm thickness, it keeps chilly floors at bay while providing a cozy surface for hours of playtime.

Vibrant and Easy-Care: Say goodbye to smudges and stains! The anti-smudge surface ensures that cleaning is a breeze, leaving the vibrant colours of the farm design shining bright.

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Key Features:

  • Expansive Farm Design
  • Durable 3mm Thickness
  • All-Season Comfort
  • Easy-Care Anti-Smudge Surface
  • Perfect for Toy Cars and Playtime Adventures
  • Large Size: 79 Inches x 47 Inches (200cm x 120cm)
  • A World of Possibilities:
  •  From bustling farm life to thrilling car races, this farm design roll mat is a portal to boundless adventures. It sparks creativity, encourages storytelling, and provides a safe, comfortable space for your child’s playtime dreams.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 120 × 11 × 11 cm