Tiny Love Tiny Hug Carrier

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The Tiny Hug Carrier redefines simplicity in babies’ development and in parents’ everyday life. With the development of the ‘two straps, two buckle system’, the Tiny Hug Carrier allows parents to “just click and go”. It’s truly that simple. For maximum safety, the baby is secured before placing the carrier on the parent.

The Tiny Hug Carrier offers easy, independent lifting allowing simple, unassisted operation. The carrier gives parents the freedom they want with the security they need by offering a less complicated solution that fits into their daily routines.

Unlike other baby carriers, the Tiny Hug Carrier supports back carry position at 4 months. This gives parents even more freedom while offering baby a unique bonding experience. Additional bonus features include the three ergonomic leg positions that allow baby to grow and develop naturally with unique pelvic support that adjusts to baby’s age and stage.

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 10 × 35.7 cm


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