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PeaPods one size nappies are just that – they go from birth to toilet training. They come complete with an absorbent insert, so you have everything you need right there in the one nappy.

The absorbent insert is made from ultra absorbent bamboo. Bamboo is super soft, naturally antibacterial and a sustainable resource.The insert is made from two thick bamboo layers, which is folded into three and inserted into the nappy. The thickness and absorbency of the bamboo means that it holds a lot of wee!

  • one sized nappy from birth to toilet training
  • comes complete with a bamboo insert
  • insert can be put in the pocket or snapped in for extra flexibility
  • simple to adjust legs for nappy size – elastic works like a bra strap, tucked inside away from baby’s skin
  • adjustable poppers for a perfect fit around the tummy
  • waterproof outer layer is made from PUL (polyurethane laminate)

It’s so easy to change the size of the nappy as baby grows. Poppers around the tummy ensure that there’s no leakage out of the top. Leg size is adjusted by a niftily hidden elastic in the legs, which you can tighten or loosen just like a bra strap. It’s hidden away so that none of the parts touch baby’s skin. Genius!

PeaPods one size nappies have extra flexibility when it comes to absorbency as well. Grab a couple of extra bamboo inserts, then use the snap in option and just change the insert when it’s wet. No need to change the outer shell of the nappy unless it’s wet, too, which cuts down on your washing. The inserts can tuck inside the nappy pockets, too, so you can then snap on a night booster as well for extra night-time absorbency or heavy wetters.

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