Infasecure Accomplish Car Seat (6MTH – 8YRS) NIGHT

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The Infasecure Accomplish provides an unparalleled level of comfort for larger toddlers and children.

Suitable from a large 6 month old through to a large 8 year old. Children will travel in comfort and style right through their forward facing years.

Accomplish Premium features all new Active Bamboo covers. Active Bamboo is a high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric. The gently woven yarn wicks away moisture, keeping children cool and dry whilst offering a soft, smooth surface ensuring the child travels in complete comfort.

Premium Safety: Air Cocoon Technology & Secur-air:
Secur-air works hand in hand with Air Cocoon Technology to dramatically reduce crash energy to the child’s head. Accomplish comes with ACT as a standard feature, which alone reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard.

  • Accomplish Premium included a slew of features designed to make travel easier.
  • Buckle holders keep shoulder straps out of the way when placing a child in the seat.
  • The twist-hesitant straps ensure a safe and comfortable harness fit every time.
  • All new labelling across the Accomplish is designed to be easier to understand and use.
  • The Gradual Recline system is extremely easy to use. It allows unrestricted recline positions which can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle.
  • The Twist & Lift technology also allows for one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat. No rethreading straps, no uninstalling, allowing for the prefect fit in seconds.
  • Accomplish also comes with pop out cup holders, a fabric seat protector, and a free Safe Grip Belt Clamp.

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  • In-built harness use from 6 months to large 8 year old
  • Active Bamboo – high performance, premium quality bamboo charcoal fabric
  • Twist & Lift one-handed harness adjustment
  • Secur-air
  • Air Cocoon Technology integrated
  • Gradual Recline – unrestricted recline positions
  • Twist resistant harness straps
  • Adjustable height harness buckle
  • 2 Modern covers
  • Easy-Remove covers
  • Plush comfort inserts
  • Two pop-out cup holders
  • Easy install belt path
  • SafeGrip Belt Clamp included
  • Vehicle Seat protector included

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