Koala Dream 6 piece Sensory Silicone Baby/Toddler Licking Spoons Blue/Green 0m+

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– Rec. Age: 0 +
– Brand: Koala Dream
– Safe and Non-Toxic: High-quality food grade silicone
– Soothing Texture: Textured surface provides gentle teething relief
– Easy to Hold: Lightweight, ergonomic design for little hands
– Versatile and Portable: Doubles as a sensory toy,
– Materials: Silicone
– Content Pieces: 3

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Introducing Koala Dream’s Silicone Blue Sensory Licking Spoons – a fun and engaging set of three utensils designed to engage, educate, and delight your baby or toddler during mealtime.With two sensory spoons included, your little one can explore the world of textures and tastes as they squish soft foods onto these specialized utensils. This sensory adventure fosters curiosity, enhances tactile exploration, and aids in developing crucial grasping and hand-eye coordination skills. But our spoons aren’t just about play. We’ve included a standard feeding spoon to seamlessly transition from sensory exploration to meal consumption, ensuring your child’s nutrition needs are met.Available in a set of 3 vibrant colours of pale blue, dark blue and green, these spoons captivate your child’s attention, making mealtime an exciting adventure. Plus, they’re made from food-grade silicone, ensuring they’re gentle on sensitive gums and entirely safe for your precious one.Cleaning up after these culinary escapades is a breeze AA simply toss them in the dishwasher or give them a quick hand wash for a hygienic, hassle-free experience.Elevate your child’s mealtime routine with Koala Dream’s Silicone Sensory Licking Spoons, and watch as every bite becomes a sensory journey, fostering growth, curiosity, and creating cherished mealtime memories.

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