Infa secure Cosi compact II

$229.99 $199.99

Infa secure affordable 0-4 years car seat



Infa Secure Cosi Compact Convertible Carseat. The Cosi Compact offers amazing features and the highest levels of safety at an affordable price. The Cosi Compact features a narrow width, and one of the shortest rearward facing lengths of any 0 to 4 carseat, making it great for situations where space in the vehicle is limited.

-AS/NZS Standards approved• Rearward facing to large 12 month old (average 30 month old).
-Forward facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old).
-10 recline positions
-5 shoulder slot heights
-Air Cocoon Technology
-Built-in anti-rebound design
-Blow moulded shell acts like an airbag in an accident
-Easy to use harness adjuster
-Compact design
-SafeGrip Belt Clamp included

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 55 cm



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