Mothers Choice Kin-AP – Titanium Grey

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1. AirProtect™ superior side impact protection for the head. Feel the difference

2. Wicking fabric for your child’s comfort

3. 5 position extendable headrest for your growing child

5. Installation recline for better fitment into most cars

6. 2 swing-out cup holders

7. Arm rests for your child’s comfort

8. Machine washable covers, harness pads and insert


Booster Mode:

To be used with a lap-sash seatbelt from approximately 4 – 8 years of age or until child’s shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker.


The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat comes with 6 years warranty on the shell and 2 years warranty on the fabric.

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The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat is a narrow, yet comfortable seat that allows for up to 3 seats across the back in most cars. With features like AirProtect™ Technology, easy installation, 2 swing-out cup holders this seat offers convenience and safety at an affordable price.

AirProtectTM is our superior side impact protection system that protects your little one in the instance of an accident. The unique design acts like a soft cushion to absorb impact by dispersing the energy forces away from your child’s head. The soft cushion is also suitable for your child to rest on during those long drives. We encourage you to visit in-store, give the headrest a squeeze and feel the difference.

At Mother’s Choice we believe that all children deserve the most comfortable ride possible, especially on those hot summer days, that’s why the Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat features our new silky-smooth wicking fabric, which wicks away any moisture keeping your child always cool and dry.

The Mother’s Choice tribe AP booster seat is covered by our Mother’s Choice Warranty which offers complete piece of mind. The Mother’s Choice Warranty is 6 years on the shell and a 2 year warranty on all fabrics.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 78 × 44 × 44 cm


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