Infa Adapt More Capsule 0 – 12 Mths Midnight Blue

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After many years of design & development, we have designed the Adapt More Capsule to provide consumers with the convenience of not having to reattach & readjust the Top Tether Strap every trip.

The Adapt More is also designed to combat the misuse of the Top Tether Strap. As reported by the authorised fitting station network in NSW, in over 75% of cases, consumers aren’t using the Top Tether Strap correctly as it’s an inconvenience.

The unique, patented Innovative Base Installation offered on the Adapt More Capsule means that once the base is fitted, and should never have to be removed. Consumers should only have to engage/reengage the Capsule itself, without adjusting the Tether Strap.

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Additional Features


Recline Foot

The Adapt More features a pop-out recline foot, which helps achieve the optimal level of recline.

ISOFix Compatible Installation

The Adapt More offers both Seat Belt or ISOFix compatible installations. When ISOFix is not in use, you can stow the ISOFix Compatible connectors in purpose-built, hidden compartments underneath the Capsule Base.

Easy Lock Belt Clamp

The Easy Lock Belt Clamp featured on the Adapt More is used when installing by Seat Belt Installation. The Easy Lock Belt Clamp provides effortless & secure installation.

Aircraft Approved

The Adapt More Capsule features a special belt path to use with aircraft seatbelts, making it aircraft approved & ready at purchase. Making travel convenient whether you’re in the car, at the park, or in the air!

Compact & Light.

The Adapt More is one of the most compact Capsules on the Australian Market, measuring at 62cm in Rearward Facing mode. It is also one of the lightest Capsules on the Australia Market, weighing in at 4.6kg (Infant Carrier only

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 62 × 60 × 45 cm


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