Mountain Buggy Travel Bag


Request to gate-check your buggy inside travel bag when checking in, and roll up to the gate where the airline will then stow it upon boarding, and retrieve it for you at disembarkment*.

travel bags built in “gate checked” tag ensures your buggy is easily identifiable; and its durable base, sturdy zips and TSA approved padlock keep all pieces of your buggy together safely and securely.

compatible with the following buggies from Mountain Buggy®:

  • nano™
  • nano duo™
  • MB mini
  • swift™
  • urban jungle™
  • urban jungle™ luxury collection
    • +one™
    • cosmopolitan™
    • cosmopolitan™ luxury collection

    and many other buggy brands.

    have a duet™ & terrain™ and need a travel bag?  click here to view the compatible travel bag XL

    To see buggies being packed into travel bag, see our instructional video below.

    *airline policies vary.

    Explore the ‘keep calm and carry-on™’ travel collection

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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 57 × 28 × 31 cm


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