Project Nursery 5″ High Definition Baby Monitor System with 1.5″ Mini Monitor

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The Project Nursery electronics collection brings peace-of-mind, easy to use gadgets and style to the nursery and home. The family of products includes baby monitoring and sound solutions. They are designed to be simple to use and work right out of the box with minimal set up time, so parents can focus on the things that matter most. The solutions are reliable and safe for baby, while maintaining a sense of modern style.

Project Nursery knows just how busy and on the go around the house parents are which is why we have designed the 1.5” mini monitor. The included 1.5” Mini Monitor is the world’s smallest monitor allowing parents to have both hands free to do things like play with other kids, exercise, projects around the house, or preparing meals in the kitchen, all while able to quickly view baby at a glance. The Mini Monitor comes equipped with a lanyard to make it easy for mom and dad to wear on their wrist. The mini monitor shares many of the same features used by the main 5” parent unit in a very small package with up to 8 hours of battery life.

Breaking away from the generic user interface, Project Nursery made an easy to use icon menu and intuitive centric navigation wheel on both the 5” main monitor and 1.5” mini monitor. Parents can quickly jump to the most commonly needed features of the monitor they are using without wasting time clicking through excess menus or navigating difficult camera controls. The navigation wheel allows parents to easily and quickly pan, tilt and zoom to the area they want to see. The main monitor unit also serves as a digital clock, timer and room thermometer, things mom and dad need to see at-a-glance. The Project Nursery baby monitor interface is so simple it can be taught to a babysitter or caregiver in just seconds without complicated set ups or configurations.

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  • 5” High-Definition LCD Baby Monitor with up to 16 hour battery life and the ability to record video and snap photos with a micro SD card (not included).
  • 1.5” Audio Video Mini Monitor included, with up to 8 hour battery life, makes it easy to watch baby while doing laundry and dishes.
  • Secure 2.4 GHz static-free digital wireless transmission with range up to 800 feet with clear line of sight; Play Rockabye Baby lullabies, white noise and natural sounds.
  • Room temperature sensor and motion, temperature and sound detection alerts help set your mind at ease; be alerted if baby moves or starts crying Secure 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission with range up to 800 feet.
  • Remote pan/tilt/zoom camera with best-in-class infrared night vision; Ability to pair up to 4 cameras (single, split or quad view modes).


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Dimensions 25 × 23 × 13 cm


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