Motorola MBP854CONNECT

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Motorola MBP854 CONNECT Digital Video Baby Monitor Wifi
The Motorola MBP854CONNECT is a wireless baby monitor that enables parents to stay updated with what’s going on with their baby while they are just in the next room or away from the home. Connect to your MBP854 camera with the touchscreen monitor or compatible smartphones or tablets. The handheld parent monitor unit has a 4.3-inch diagonal color screen with touchscreen controls. Use the two-way communication feature to communicate with your baby from both viewing devices. Download the free Hubble app and connect it to your compatible viewing device to allow you to receive sound, motion, and temperature notifications.

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Motorola MBP854 CONNECT
Smartphone Capabilities

Connect your MBP854CONNECT by WiFi to your compatible smart phone or tablet device on the free Hubble app and watch your baby from anywhere at any time.

Handheld Monitor

Use your handheld display monitor with remote HD 4.3-inch diagonal color screen and touchscreen controls. The remote HD screen is 720p video streaming and transmits to devices capable of 720p display.

Remote Notifications

Get sound, motion, and temperature change notifications sent to your monitor or smartphone. Always stay updated on all things baby and make sure they are comfortable when you are away or just in the next room.

Recording and Image Snapshot

Use the free in-app video recording and image snapshot so you never miss an exciting moment of your baby’s day.

Additional Remote Options

Use the remote pan, tilt, and zoom option to get the best view of your little one while they’re moving about and playing in their crib. Talk to your baby with the two-way communication system or sing them a song so they can fall asleep.

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