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Well-designed, stylish automatic bottle maker!

With the push of a button the Milkeo measures out, mixes water and formula powder, then directly distributes milk into the bottle without air bubbles.


Very fast: prepares bottles in 10 to 20 seconds
Adapts to every bottle: select room temperature, body temperature or warm
Even temperature and texture without lumps thanks to it’s integrated mixing system
Evolutive product, can be used to prepare tea or soup: hot water function up to 70 °C
Simple and intuitive controls: retro-lit touch screen
Easy and efficient cleaning: self-cleaning mixing system
Compatible with most brands of formula
Please note that MILKEO is compatible with main formula milk brands, however we do not recommend the product with:

1. Milk using special formulas such as goat milk, thickened milk, rice milk, lactose-free…

2. Milk using oil (e.g. vegetable oil, fish oil etc.) as main ingredient or maltodextrin in big proportion (being listed as first ingredient in the formula composition)

Where to find ingredient composition: on your formula milk box, it is the 1st one appearing on the box. Please contact our services if you have doubts.

Also note that the dosage of your bottle might vary according to milk density of formula and brands.

Setting up your Milkeo based on 60ml per scoop:

Not all formulas in Australia are based on a 30ml per scoop ratio. The instructions that come with Milkeo are based on international standard of 30ml/scoop. With many Australian brands of formula being 60ml per scoop you may need to double the quantity, which is very simple to set up:

Select temp
Select 60ml
Select 8.5grams ( only goes in .5 gram increments, always go up, not down)
The machine is now set for every time you use this formula, if you need to make more than a 60ml bottle you simply change the mls and Milkeo will automatically increase the grams.

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