New Infasecure legacy 0-8 seat at Twinkle Tots now!!

The new affordable Infasecure 0-8 Legacy will be on the shelves at Twinkle tots this week. The new Infasecure Legacy 0-8 seat has some great features. Firstly that the 0-8 seats is exactly that. Newborn baby to 8 years of age.  The Infasecure Legacy has a new and improved , adjustable head restraint, so easy to adjust. The Legacy is also rear facing until 12 months. The legacy 0-8 seat is harnessed until approximately 4 years . Twinkle tots loves the fact the legacy by Infasecure then converts to a booster until an exit marker of 51cms.
The Legacy by Infa Secure the zero to eight seat comes in black fabrics. . This unique 0-8 seat won’t be breaking the bank and comes in at a very affordable price of only $369.99.

Purchase in store at Twinkle tots
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Northcote 3070.
Phone us on  94822687
Or purchase online from Twinkle tots website .